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AI # 3 Capsule
Allicin Capsule
Artemisia Capsule
Artemisia 2 Capsule
(Double Potency)
BM Capsule
Capillaris Combination
Circulation P Capsule
Copmine Formula
Coptis Capsule
Cordyceps Capsule
DH-Artemisinin Capsule
Gall Formula 1
Gineseng and Atractylodes Formula
Glycyrrhizin Capsule
Hepa Formula 1A
Hepa Formula 2
HerbSom Capsule
HerbZac Capsule
HH Tablets
HH 2 Capsule
(Double Potency)
Ligustrin Capsule
Milk Thistle Plus
MVM Formula
Olivessence Capsule
Puerarin Capsule
R-5081 Capsule
R-OBG Capsule
Schisandra Plus
TGP formula
Yunan Paiyao Capsule

Alcoholic Hepatitis Protocol
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The most important first step is to STOP DRINKING permanently.  This can be very difficult for some alcoholic patients and there is professional help available. In addition, there are some herbs that can be helpful. A TCM formula called Pueraria Flower Combination, which is traditionally used in China to help people stop drinking and also used as a hangover remedy. It can help release the craving of alcohol.
Dietary treatments: When liver functions are still in compensated stage, a high protein diet can help the liver recover from damage. But, for a patient with encephaylopathy or if in a coma, a non-protein or very low protein diet should be used.  For those who have anorexia, nausea, and vomiting, a proper source of nutrition and fluid is very important. For multi vitamins (A, Bs, C, D, K,) folic acid and potassium are also important to the healthy functioning of the liver.
Based on the immune theory of the alcoholic hepatitis, immune suppressive therapy can be used, such as steroids. The immune regulatory treatment can reduce the mortality of liver coma patients, but has no influence on the disease course. For chronic and stable patients, autoimmunity can be suppressed. We use the AI #3 formula.
To heal liver inflammation and reduce the fat deposits in the liver cells, Hepa F. #2, Glycyrrhizin Capsule, or Ligustrin Capsule can be used.
For patients with jaundice, Gall No.1 Capsule should be used. This capsule can also help to reduce the fat deposits in the liver cells. The other choices for treating this condition are Capillaris and Hoelen Five Formula and Capillaris Combination.
For anti-fibrosis treatment, Circulation P formula should be added to the herbal protocol.
For severe alcoholic hepatitis patients with mental disorientation, branched amino acids administration can be helpful to improve general health, brain functions, and negative nitrogen balance.