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Hepatitis Peripheral Complications
Fatigue Insomnia
Joint Pains Blood Sugar Irregularity
Infections Water Retention
Bleeding Diarrhea




The liver is the major powerhouse of the body and fatigue is the primary complaint of chronic hepatitis patients.
Cordyceps Capsule
Insomnia is a common complaint of chronic hepatitis patients. 
Conventional sleeping aids are usually addictive and hard on the liver. 
HerbSom Capsule
Joint Pains and Skin Rashes
In addition to these symptoms and complications, some hepatitis patients also have positive reactions to ANA, AMA, and RA factors. These extra-liver manifestations of immunopathic damages (autoimmunity) caused by HCV infections have a common pathological mechanism. Treatment is focused on regulating autoimmune reactions.
AI Capsule No. 3
Blood Sugar Irregularity
HCV causes autoimmune reactions that can also damage the beta cells of the pancreas and affect insulin production. Both factors can cause hepatitis C-related diabetes.
BM Capsule
(Bitter Melon)
Occasionally, in the course of chronic hepatitis C, patients will contract infections, such as sinusitis, common colds, and various bacterial infections. Excessive use of antibiotics can harm the liver. Anti-microbial herbal formulas can be used instead to avoid exacerbating liver damage. 
Allicin Capsule

Coptis Capsule

Water Retention
Ascites (fluid retention in the stomach) is a common complication of the de-compensated cirrhotic stage of diseases. The main underlying causes are portal vein hypertension, low serum albumin level, and lymph over-formation in the liver and spleen. This in turn, causes leaks on the surface of the liver and the membrane of the stomach-cavity
R-788 formula
Bleeding becomes a problem when liver disease advances to the cirrhosis stage, especially when portal vein pressure increases and varices form in the stomach and esophagus. At this stage, blood-clotting factors produced by the liver decrease and platelet counts are depleted. All of these risk factors make bleeding a serious problem and the patient must be carefully monitored by a physician as he or she may require immediate hospitalization.

Dangerously severe bleeding, such as black stool or bloody vomit, can cause blood pressure to drop dramatically. The patient should be rushed to an emergency room if this occurs.

Herbs can be used as a supportive and preventive agent when the patient is stable.
Yunnan Pai Yao Capsule
Diarrhea is a common complaint of chronic hepatitis patients. Most cases of diarrhea improves as liver function improves and stablize.
Ginseng & Atractylodes Formula