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Formula List
AI # 3 Capsule
Allicin Capsule
Artemisia Capsule
Artemisia 2 Capsule
(Double Potency)
BM Capsule
Capillaris Combination
Circulation P Capsule
Copmine Formula
Coptis Capsule
Cordyceps Capsule
DH-Artemisinin Capsule
Gall Formula 1
Gineseng and Atractylodes Formula
Glycyrrhizin Capsule
Hepa Formula 1A
Hepa Formula 2
HerbSom Capsule
HerbZac Capsule
HH Tablets
HH 2 Capsule
(Double Potency)
Ligustrin Capsule
Milk Thistle Plus
MVM Formula
Olivessence Capsule
Puerarin Capsule
R-5081 Capsule
R-OBG Capsule
Schisandra Plus
TGP formula
Yunan Paiyao Capsule
(This is only a general guide. Individual treatment protocols may vary depending on the patient's specific symptoms and biological profile)

Anti-Lyme Spirochete (anti-Borrelia burgdorferi)
Anti-Babesia Co-Infection
Supportive Therapies for Related Complications
Herxheimer's Reaction
Detailed Treatment Flow Chart
Detailed Treatment Flow Table


Anti-Lyme Spirochete (anti-Borrelia burgdorferi)

For most patients, the first line of herbal remedies consists of Allicin Capsules, HH Capsules and Circulation P Capsules. Especially for those with central nerve system symptoms, such as memory loss, mind fogginess, difficulty with concentration, difficulty in finding words, and cognition problems, the Allicin is essential. If the patient has less CNS symptoms, or if the patient can't tolerate the odor of the Allicin, or does not respond well to the Allicin Capsules, then a  second-line formula can be used as a substitute.

The Allicin replacement formula can either be Coptis Capsule, or Formula R-5081 .
Thus, a second-line protocol would consist of Circulation P , HH Capsules plus Coptis Capsule or Formula R-5081.

The advantage of using Allicin is its active ingredient, allitridi, which has an extremely small molecular weight, (162.27) making it very penetrative. It can easily penetrate the blood brain barrier which makes it very suitable for CNS infections. Allicin, HH, and Coptin have wide anti-microbe spectrums. When used for anti-spirochete treatment, they can also suppress fungi, so the treatment will not cause fungal overgrowth, avoiding antibiotics' side effects.

The Duration of the anti-Lyme spirochete treatment course is six to 12 months.

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Anti-Babesia Co-Infection

Babesiosis is a very common co-infection of Lyme disease in chronic cases where long-term antibiotic treatments become ineffective.

For this co-infection, herbal treatment is very effective. Like conventional Western medical treatment for this intra-erythrocyte protozoal parasite, anti-malaria protocols can be applied using Chinese herbal remedies.

Artemisia (active ingredient Artesunate) is the main herbal formula used to eliminate Babesiosis and this formula is also an anti-malaria herbal product. Compared to conventional treatment, the herbal treatment has a shorter treatment course (40 to 80 days verses four months)  and causes fewer side effects. Treatment using Artemesia is also curative and is not limited to symptom-suppressive treatment. Treatment course is approximately 40 to 80 days (usually prior to beginning main Lyme protocol).
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Supportive Therapies for Related Complications

Chinese Medicine is a constitutional medicine and its principle of treating infectious diseases is to restore health by emphasizing supportive treatment. This section includes anti-inflammatory, microcirculation promoting, and immune-regulatory therapies for treating Lyme-related symptoms.

Circulation P Capsules formula is a necessity for all patients. In order to increase blood infusion to the tissues, promote the restoration of the inflammation-damaged tissues, and promote the phagocytosis activity of macrophages for removal of deposed circulatory immune complex in inflamed tissues, this formula should be used for every patient.

Muscle aches, fibromyalgia, skin rashes, allergies, vasculitis, and severe Herxheimer reaction
AI #3 Capsules
should be used. If these symptoms are severe, dosage can be increased to five capsules per day and the dose should be two in the morning, one at noon and two in the evening. Once the symptoms are reduced, the dose should be reduced to one capsule three times a day. And once reaction symptoms have passed, AI #3 Capsules should be discontinued. This herbal remedy is used for down-regulating humeral immunity, suppressing autoimmune reactions, and suppressing inflammation.

One of the most common complaints of Lyme Patients and Cordyceps Capsules can be used to improve the energy level and regulate immunity, especially cellular immunity.

Mental Disorientation
Mental clarity usually decreases during the course of Chronic Lyme. If difficulty in concentration, cognitive problems, memory loss, difficulty in finding words are major problems, Puerarin Capsule can be used to promote circulation in the brain.

Lyme Related Joint Pains and Arthritic Symptoms
Arthral EZ Tablet is a natural arthritis treatment specifically formulated with clinically proven ingredients that have been shown to safely reduce the pain and discomfort of common arthritis and address the symptoms of joint degeneration.

Insomnia, restless sleep
HerbSom Capsule can be used. This formula is a gentle, effective and non-addictive sleep aid. 

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Herxheimer's Reaction
What is the Herxheimer's Reaction?

Both anti-spirochete and anti-Babesia treatment will induce the Herxheimer's reaction during the first few weeks of treatment. Herxheimer’s reaction is caused by toxins released by the large number of dead spirochetes eliminated during the initial part of treatment This means that symptoms will worsen temporarily. If the reaction becomes hard to tolerate for the patient, then the amount of herbal intake should be reduced to half or even less to build up tolerance gradually. After the reaction period is over (may last around 3 weeks), the patient will experience gradual and steady improvement. One herbal remedy, AI #3 Capsules has the effect of reducing the strength of this reaction and can also be added temporarily during the reaction period

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General Treatment Flow Table

Dosage Key:
t.i.d. = Three Times a Day
(example: Circulation P Capsule, 1 tid = 1 capsule, 3 times a day)
(example: Allicin Capsule, 2 tid = 2 capsules, 3 times a day)

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Step 1

Chronic LD Diagnosis by laboratory results or symptom pattern analysis

Step 2

Is there a Babesiosis co-infection Diagnosis?
If Yes, proceed to Step 3
If there is no Babesiosis co-infection , skip Step 3 and proceed directly to Step 4

Step 3

Begin Anti-Babesia
Co-Infection Protocol


Approximately 8 weeks



Artemisia Capsule
1 t.i.d

Allicin Capsule
2 t.i.d.

Circulation P 
1 t.i.d.

Step 4

Begin Standard Protocol

6 to 12 months, depending on severity of symptoms and length of infection

Allicin Capsule
 2 t.i.d.

HH Capsule
1 t.i.d.

Circulation P
1 t.i.d.

Herxheimer's Reaction
If reactions are severe proceed to 5

Step 5

Reduce Dosage for
all herbs to half and gradually build to normal dosage
AI #3 Capsule, 1 t.i.d.
Duration: 2 to 4 weeks

Supportive Therapies for Related Complications During Standard Protocol

Severe Fatigue

Cordyceps Capsule
2 t.i.d

Connective Tissue Pain, Arthritis, Vasculitis, Fibromyalgia

AI #3
1- noon,
(five per day)
one to three months

CNS Sx (cognition problem, memory loss, mental foggy, concentration problem, etc.,)

Puerarin Capsule
2 t.i.d.

Complete Standard Protocol Course



Alternate Protocol to Standard Protocol
(If patient is bothered by garlic odor or is not responding to standard protocol)

Coptis Capsule (2 t.i.d.) or R-5081 Formula (2 t.i.d.)
to replace Allicin Capsule

Continue with:
HH Capsule
Circulation P

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