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Capillaris Combination
(Individual Dosage May Vary. Please Consult Health Care Professional)


Herbal Composition:

Artemisiae capillaris Herba

Yin chen

Gardeniae Fructus

Zhi zi

Rhei Rhizoma.

Da huang


     Regarding the formula's traditional use in TCM, Capillaris Combination clears "dampness-heat" type jaundice, manifesting as bright yellow eyes and skin; oliguria with dark yellow color; greasy, yellow tongue coating; and smooth, rapid pulse.

     Artemisiae capillaris Herba has been discussed in Gall Formula No. 1. Rhei Rhizoma's pharmacological actions are discussed above in Virostatic Formula.

     The pharmacological effects of Capillaris Combination have been well-studied, and it has been found to possess cholagogic (increasing flow of bile to the intestine) and choleretic (facilitating bile secretion) effects. Intraduodenal administration of alcohol extracts to rats can increase up to 51% the bile collected and increase the solid composition of the bile 85%. It can also be used against the cholestatic (arrest of bile excretion) factor's effect in rats. Its choleretic effects are mainly due to increasing the secretion of the bile in the micro-bile ducts.  Bile excretion is probably promoted by the relaxation of the Oddi's sphincter following increase of intraductal pressure consequent to increase of bile secreted by liver cell.

     Capillaris Combination has liver-protective effects and can reduce liver damage caused by ANIT. While using this formula, AKP, T-BILI, ALT, and AST elevations caused by ANIT all improved dramatically. It is especially effective in improving T-BILI. Histological examination revealed that hypertrophy of the micro-bile duct cells, necrosis of liver cells, and inflammatory cell infiltration were much milder in the Capillaris Combination-treated group, as compared with the control group. Liver glycogen and RNA content were normalized or almost recovered, and ALT activity was markedly reduced with Capillaris Combination