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Ginseng & Atractylodes Formula
Recommended Daily Dose:
Prescribed by Practitioner

(Individual Dosage May Vary. Please Your Consult Health Care Professional)


Herbal Composition:

Amomi Fructus

Suo sha

Atractylodis macrocephalae Rhizoma

Bai zhu

Coicis Semen

Yi yi ren

Dioscoreae Rhizoma

Shan yao

Dolichoris album Semen

Bai pian dou

Ginseng Radix

Ren shen

Glycyrrhizae Radix

Gan cao

Nelumbinis Semen

Lian zi rou

Platycodi Radix

Jie geng

Poriae Alba

Fu ling

Zizyphi jujubae Fructus

Da zao


         Traditionally, Ginseng & Atractylodes Formula was used for strengthening digestion and qi (vital energy). It is used for diarrhea, poor appetite, emaciaton, and white, greasy tongue coating.

         Pharmacological studies have found that Ginseng & Atractylodes Formula can improve absorption in the intestinal track. Administration of a decoction of the formula can increase water and chloride absorption in the intestines of rabbits under anesthesia.  In vitro tests found that high doses of the formula suppress intestinal movement and small doses increase the movement. It is an antagonist to the spastic effects of acetylcholine on the intestine.

         Ginseng & Atractylodes Formula treats chronic gastritis, ulcerative enterophthisis, chronic pancreatitis with diarrhea, chronic nephritis with persistence of proteinuria, and hepatitis.