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Formula List
AI # 3 Capsule
Allicin Capsule
Artemisia Capsule
Artemisia 2 Capsule
(Double Potency)
BM Capsule
Capillaris Combination
Circulation P Capsule
Copmine Formula
Coptis Capsule
Cordyceps Capsule
DH-Artemisinin Capsule
Gall Formula 1
Gineseng and Atractylodes Formula
Glycyrrhizin Capsule
Hepa Formula 1A
Hepa Formula 2
HerbSom Capsule
HerbZac Capsule
HH Tablets
HH 2 Capsule
(Double Potency)
Ligustrin Capsule
Milk Thistle Plus
MVM Formula
Olivessence Capsule
Puerarin Capsule
R-5081 Capsule
R-OBG Capsule
Schisandra Plus
TGP formula
Yunan Paiyao Capsule
Hepa Formula No. 2
Recommended Daily Dose:
2 Capsules, 3 Times a Day

(Individual Dosage May Vary. Please Your Consult Health Care Professional)


Herbal Composition:

Alismatis Rhizoma

Ze xie

Artemisiae capillaris Herba

Yin chen

Atractylodes Rhizoma

Bai zhu

Cinnamomi Ramulus

Gui zhi

Citri Pericarpium

Chen pi

Glycyrrhizae Radix (licorice)

Gan cao

Magnoliae Cortex

Hou pu


Zhu ling

Poria (hoelen)

Fu ling

Schizandrae Fructus

Wu wei zi

Zingiberis Rhizoma (ginger)

Sheng jiang


     Schizandrae Fructus is the major ingredient. The pharmacological effects of its active ingredients have been studied extensively.

     Animal studies have shown that alcohol extracts of the kernel of the fruit of schizandra (AEKFS) have many pharmacological activities such as:

(1)     Lowering the ALT elevation caused by carbon tetrachloride (CCl4)-induced liver damage.

(2)     Reducing CCl4-induced fat deposits in liver cells.

(3)     Reducing CCl4-induced histological damage of liver cells.

(4)     Promoting glycogen and serum protein synthesis in the liver.

(5)     Promoting regeneration after partial removal of the liver.

(6)     Increasing metabolic enzymes in the liver.

     Clinical trials using tablets made from AEKFS, conducted in three hospitals in China, found that, in 107 chronic viral hepatitis cases, 73 cases' ALT levels normalized and clinical symptoms improved following treatment with Schizandrae Fructus. No serious side effects were reported.

     From the fruit of schizandra, seven active liver-enzyme-lowering ingredients have been isolated. Schizandrin B and C can enhance the detoxification function of the liver and promote protein and liver glycogen synthesis. A precursor of synthesized schizandrin C can effectively normalize liver function. The effectiveness rate of schizandrins in lowering liver enzymes is around 80%. The enzyme level may rebound in about 60% of the patients a half month to six months after treatment is stopped. Clinical observation found that schizandra was better in lowering ALT than AST, and has no effect in turning HBsAg to negative.

     Schizandra can improve the function of the liver cell membrane and reduce its leakage. Animal studies found that extract of schizandra can suppress the activity of ALT, but there was no effect on AST or LDH.

     At the Sixth National Hepatitis Conference of China (1990), it was reported that in the carbon tetrachloride toxic model of human liver embryo cell culture, extracts of schizandra significantly reduced cell damage and kept cell membranes intact. The report concluded that schizandra can protect the liver cell membrane.

     The pharmacological actions of Artemisiae capillaris Herba, Glycyrrhizae Radix, and Polyporus are discussed below in regards to other herbal formulas and single herbs.