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Yunan Paiyao Capsule
Yunnan Paiyao Capsule
Use as Directed by Your Practitioner

(Individual Dosage May Vary. Please Your Consult Health Care Professional)

This well-known herbal remedy has been widely used in China and Southeast Asia with excellent therapeutic results, especially for hemostatic (stopping bleeds) treatment.

Herbal Composition:

Proprietary information


         Hemostatic effects: Yunnan Paiyao Capsule has obvious hemostatic effects, as it can quickly halt bleeding in animal models. In rat liver injury model, rabbit liver injury model, and rabbit large artery injury model, bleeding stopped almost immediately after this formula was administered. It can dramatically reduce clotting time in humans and rabbits. Hemostatic effects generally begin a half hour after administration and peak 2 to 3 hours after administration. These effects can last for more than 4 hours. The hemostatic effect is due to the permeability change of platelet cell membranes, which prompts release of clotting factors.

         Anti-inflammatory effects: Yunnan Paiyao Capsule can suppress inflammation in animal models. The strength of its anti-inflammatory effect is similar to or stronger than that of cortico-steroids.

         Analgesic and anti-neoplastic effects.